Photo by Meredith Kuzma

Who I Am

Christopher Beiting is a professional artist from Northern Kentucky, and a 2013 graduate of Thomas More College. As a student he served as a representative of the Aesthetic Committee in overseeing Sculpting Spaces, an effort to establish funding for the creation and inclusion of sustainable sculptures on Thomas More’s campus.

He is a co-founder of Fullhearted Studios (with Karen Cress, Lee Schatzman, and Carolyn Wagner), whose work includes film, painting, and photography. He is also an active member of the sculpting collaborative Thin Air Studio (with Chris Daniel and Kirk Mayhew), and the multi-disciplined Glow Collective (with Collin Rowland, Karen Cress, David and Bethany Falter, and Evan and Alison Shepard-Hildebrant).

Since graduating in 2013, Christopher has had the privilege of curating shows for the University of Cincinnati’s Neuroscience Department, worked as a gallery assistant as a part of Fotofocus, and has showcased work in Grand Rapids, Michigan for ArtPrize with Thin Air Studio in 2014, and Fullhearted Studios from 2015-2016. Furthermore, in 2015 he had the privilege of working as a Teaching Assistant on several murals for ArtWorks, a Cincinnati-based non-profit transforming the city by means of public works of art and youth engagement. His practice ranges from drawing and painting to having most recently explored sculpture, installation, music and film.